Sales Order Automation

Empower Your Business with a Cutting-Edge Order Management Solution – Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to AI-powered sales order management.

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Sales Order Automation

Empower Your Business with a Cutting-Edge Order Management Solution – Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to AI-powered sales order management.

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Rethink How You Handle Orders

It’s never been more important for manufacturers and distributors to focus on productivity, reducing waste, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving overall operational efficiency and competitiveness. The email channel is not exactly known for being first choice when trying to drive operational improvements. Despite the fact that most companies experience more than 50% of their sales coming in via the email channel, we constantly focus on how we can change that customer behavior.

Focus on the largest customer channel, email
Why spend years trying to move customers to other channels when you can digitize emails. We offer a complete platform that gives your team the tools to automate manual sales order processes and quickly address incoming email requests that include free-text inquiries, classical purchase orders or various document formats and types.

Our solution seamlessly captures, validates and injects commerce data into trusted systems like SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and others. When was the last time you could deliver plus 40 percent in digital revenue at day one of launching a “new” sales channel? We know, it sounds insane!

In a Nutshell

Automatically recognise customer purchase orders in various media types and formats and any messaging channel

Understand what data to extract from a purchase order without pre-mapping

Validate data against your systems and business rules to identify exceptions on the sales order


Get complete end-to-end automation by connecting to any enterprise tech stack

Built In

Built with break-through AI technology that removes the need for your IT people to manually map documents, create templates, and store custom data files. Experience the power of a more autonomous order handling process from day one and achieve greater productivity, less errors, and increased customer satisfaction. No more endless typing, clicking, hovering, and jumping between applications. Instead you get a modern and seamless digital experience.

No technical onboarding, it just works

Our AI makes it possible to handle most languages, various formats and layouts seamlessly. Most importantly, true end-to-end sales order automation is no problem as the solution compares the extracted commerce data with the information in your ERP to ensure the highest accuracy.

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The Power of Go Autonomous from within Salesforce

Since enterprise IT is complex and diverse by nature, we have simplified the integration of Go Autonomous™ making it possible to integrate into your current technology landscape with official apps to the most know enterprise systems. Many companies use Salesforce as their primary tool for handling incoming customer inquiries. Therefore we made it possible to bring the power of the Go Autonomous™ platform directly into Salesforce.

Day one impact, plus 40 percent increase in digital revenue
Accelerate your digital revenue like never before with AI-powered sales order handling. Save up to 98% of the time your sales people and customer service teams spend typing data into your ERP, CRM and case management system.

Sounds unreal, ask our experts.

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Retire your outdated OCR extraction software and get an AI-powered solution to digitize your sales order processing truly end-to-end


Save 90% of keyboard clicks and 10x your sales order processing speed


Self-learning algorithms that ensure that the automation rate continuously increases


Made for the people in customer service teams and sales. Get an easy, intuitive point-and-click interface to handle your sales order exceptions

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