How Go Autonomous Transformed a Global Giant’s Operations

In the competitive landscape of global manufacturing, efficiency isn’t just a preference; it’s a necessity. This case study delves into the transformative journey of a leading global construction materials and industrial equipment manufacturer, boasting a staggering 4B EUR in revenue. Faced with the challenge of streamlining their purchase order processes, they sought a solution to optimize operations and elevate productivity. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a visionary partnership, they embarked on a journey that would redefine their approach to order management.

The Challenge
With a workforce of 50+ individuals managing purchase orders just within a single geography, the impact opportunities were obvious. The solution system lacked the agility and precision required to navigate the demands of a fast-paced industry. Operating within the framework of SAP C4C and SAP ERP, the need for a seamless integration became apparent.

The Solution
Enter Go Autonomous, with its revolutionary Autonomous Commerce Cloud. By seamlessly embedding within SAP C4C and leveraging SAP ERP APIs, the stage was set for a paradigm shift in order management. This marriage of technology promised not just efficiency but a fundamental reimagining of how orders were handled.

The integration was seamless, with Go Autonomous seamlessly integrating into the existing infrastructure. A testament to the user-centric design, employees embraced the platform effortlessly. Training was minimal, with the intuitive nature of the solution allowing for rapid adoption.

The Outcome
The impact was immediate and profound. With Go Autonomous at the helm, purchase orders were prioritized with unprecedented accuracy up to 97% success rate. Within the first two weeks of deployment, nearly half of all order intake was digitized with Go Autonomous application Flow, marking a monumental leap forward in efficiency. The time-saving benefits were equally impressive, with a remarkable 70% reduction in order processing time achieved. Perhaps most importantly, users could now manage the entire order lifecycle without ever leaving the familiar confines of SAP C4C, ushering in a new era of streamlined productivity.

In the history of enterprise transformation, few stories resonate as profoundly as this. Through a strategic partnership with Go Autonomous, this global company has not just embraced change, but thrived in it. What began as a quest for efficiency has culminated in a transformation, setting new benchmarks for excellence in order management.