Transforming Order Management with Go Autonomous: A Success Story

Initial Challenges
An internationally renowned construction materials supplier and distributor, with annual revenues reaching 7B EUR, faced an operational challenge. Their order management workflow was fragmented, with orders being received across 200 inboxes. As a result the company struggled with a lack of process transparency and significant manual work.

Innovative Solution
To tackle these issues, the company adopted the Go Autonomous plugin for Outlook. The AI and Machine Learning based solution embeds Autonomous Commerce capabilities directly within the inbox, integrating seamlessly with their existing ERP system via its APIs. This implementation marked a significant upgrade from their expert-tailored ERP interface to the modern, AI-assisted Flow interface of Go Autonomous.

Remarkable Results
The impact of this transition was profound:

  • Streamlined Processes: The AI-assisted Flow interface of Go Autonomous revolutionized the order handling process, drastically reducing manual workload.
  • 90% Time Savings: The company achieved a 90% reduction in the time spent on processing purchase orders (POs). What once took hours could now be done in mere minutes.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Employees enjoyed a smoother, more intuitive interface, which not only boosted productivity but also improved job satisfaction.

Before: Employees were bogged down by an inefficient, labor-intensive order management system that hampered productivity.
After: The adoption of Go Autonomous led to a highly efficient, automated workflow, positioning the company at the forefront of innovation in their industry.

By integrating Go Autonomous, the customer streamlined their order management process and achieved unparalleled efficiency. This success story demonstrates the transformative power of AI and advanced integration in modernizing ERP systems, setting a new benchmark for productivity and operational excellence in the construction materials industry.