Why We Exist

Conventional commerce solutions fail to address the needs of both parties, the buyer and seller, and simply lacks the necessary scalability. We want to revolutionize the way B2B commerce is conducted and provide a seamless, efficient, and scalable solution for businesses everywhere.

B2B Commerce, Simplified

We are at the forefront of a revolutionary shift in commerce technology with our AI-powered software platform. Our founders hands-on experience from within the industry and our ability to develop cutting-edge technology has allowed us to transform the way companies conduct business, providing them with a seamless, efficient, and scalable solution for the costly, extensive and complex processes within a company.

10x revolution in efficiency and productivity

Join us in our mission to accelerate the adoption of, what we call, Autonomous Commerce. A  revolution in AI-powered software helping companies globally to automate B2B transactions and digitize text communication.

Autonomous Commerce Pioneers

At Go Autonomous™, our customers are the foundation of everything we do. We take great pride in serving a diverse range of businesses – from industry leaders to small and medium enterprises, from global corporations to local companies, from Europe to Hong Kong.

Tomorrow, today

Our customers are leading the change in the new era of commerce with Autonomous Commerce, and we are honored to be a part of their journey towards a more efficient, productive and autonomous future.

Looking to join
the #gofamily

Building a company from ground up is not only something you do for the fun of it. It’s hard, painful, but also very rewarding and addictive. It gives you the opportunity to grow as a person rapidly, have daily impact, and ultimate ownership of your failures and successes. That is what we all love as members of the Go Family. It makes us feel alive and excited about the future for people in companies around the world.

We are fanatic about people and culture 

We are always looking for great talent to join as members of our Go Family. Do you want to contribute to a better and more exciting future for people in companies all over the world, come join us.

Working at Go Autonomous™

In Go Autonomous I get to develop my leadership skills”.

– Greta Attard, Data Annotation Lead

I love to solve challenges that ultimately help our customers help their own customers”

– Hasan Samanci, Senior Software Engineer

Great things are happening in the field of AI and ML – in Go Autonomous I get to put my skills to the test”

– Martin Højland, Machine Learning Engineer