Transforming Order Handling for a Leading Global Industrial Equipment Manufacturer with Go Autonomous

The Starting Point
A leading global industrial equipment manufacturer, with annual revenue of 10B EUR, faced a significant challenge in handling its immense volume of purchase orders. With over 1 million orders processed manually each year, the process involved hundreds of people across various departments. The existing technology stack included Salesforce CRM and SAP ERP. Customer support agents frequently juggled between Salesforce, a PDF viewer, ERP windows, and an RPA solution while handling incoming purchase orders. This resulted in inefficiencies and low scalability issues despite the RPA implementation.

The Solution
To address these challenges, the manufacturer integrated the Go Autonomous application from Salesforce AppExchange. Go Autonomous seamlessly embedded selected solutions from the Autonomous Commerce Cloud into Salesforce, leveraging SAP ERP APIs for enhanced order handling functionality. The Go Autonomous application provided a native solution within Salesforce, eliminating the need for users to switch between multiple platforms.

The Impact
By using Go Autonomous, the manufacturer enabled automated case management and order handling processes that significantly improved efficiency and scalability.

Case management: The solution employed intelligent routing and prioritization across 90+ different intents with an impressive up to 98% accuracy.

Order Handling: The impact was profound and immediate:

  • Increased Efficiency: In the first week of going live, 30% of order intake was digitized with Go Autonomous, dramatically reducing manual processing. 
  • Streamlined Workflow: Users could manage the entire order handling process end-to-end without leaving Salesforce, simplifying their workflow and improving productivity.

The integration of Go Autonomous transformed the case management and order handling processes, leading to a more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly workflow. This success story highlights the potential of autonomous commerce solutions in revolutionizing traditional business processes.