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Go Autonomous closes Series A to Accelerate Adoption of Autonomous Commerce

Copenhagen, February 2024: Go Autonomous, the AI-powered platform that revolutionizes B2B commerce by turning unstructured transactional data into actionable information that enterprise systems can understand, announced today that it has successfully closed a $10.3 million Series A funding round. The round was led by Octopus Ventures and Ridge Ventures, with participation from existing investors EIFO […]

Go Autonomous Signs Contract with Mediq for Autonomous Commerce Excellence

Copenhagen, November 2023. Go Autonomous, a leading innovator in Autonomous Commerce technology, is thrilled to announce the signing of an agreement with Mediq, a renowned provider of medical devices, healthcare products, and cutting-edge solutions for healthcare professionals and patients. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Mediq as a digitalization trailblazer within the Medical Distribution […]

Transforming Aviation Operations: The Impact of Autonomous Quote and Order Handling

IntroductionThe aviation industry is characterized by continuous evolution, with the effective management of quotes and orders serving as a backbone. In this article, we delve into the complexity of quote and order handling within aviation, explore historical digital innovations that have shaped the industry, and underscore the vital importance of innovation in maintaining a competitive […]

Seven important focus areas in measuring the Commercial and Operational Success of Autonomous Commerce

The adoption of Autonomous Commerce, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and advanced automation technologies, has revolutionized the way businesses engage with their customers and manage their operations. This article explores the key metrics and strategies to measure the commercial and operational success of implementing Autonomous Commerce solutions. By analyzing the impact on revenue, customer experience, […]

Robotic Process Automation vs. Artificial Intelligence

Many companies have an RPA team in place and are already using RPA somewhere in their organization. When curious organizations reach out to us, they often ask how AI differs from RPA and whether the two complement one another – from a technical standpoint and when it comes to the efficiency and productivity gains that […]

Grundfos Partners with Go Autonomous for AI-Assisted Case Creation and Management

Grundfos has embarked on a program to fuel innovation and improve customer proximity. The transformation is responding to trends in changing customer needs by investing significantly in innovation and digital capabilities focusing on simplicity and speed. On this journey, they have restructured their sales, marketing, technology, and operations functions to serve four different customer segments. To […]

Evolution Podcast: Greta Attard

In a recent podcast by Evolution Nordics, Greta Attard, the Data Annotation Team Lead at Go Autonomous, talked about the importance of managing data quality with Jesper Steen Andersen, Head of Music Data, Moodagent and Paolo Masulli, PhD, Product Manager iMotions. It’s inspiring for us to exchange knowledge with industry peers to learn how they work with areas that […]

Danish Software Company to Revolutionize B2B Commerce with Artificial Intelligence

When businesses trade with each other, it is often done through email, which is both time-consuming and resource-intensive and can be seen as a limitation when it comes to digitizing a business and its sales. However, the latest developments in artificial intelligence, algorithms, and software can digitize and automate manual processes. Many B2B companies do […]

Autonomous Commerce is the “new e-commerce” for B2B Companies

E-commerce solutions as we know them from traditional Business to Consumer transaction landscapes tend to impact the development of how Business to Business companies digitize their sales processes today. But when companies trade with each other, the otherwise good principles from private consumption behavior often do not match the professional setting. The Danish company Go […]

Go Autonomous Raises 3.1M EUR to Simplify B2B Commerce

Copenhagen, Denmark: Since its founding in 2021, the Danish startup Go Autonomous has met great interest from companies and investors. Now, they have landed their first seed investment of 3.1M EUR from German 42Cap and the Danish Growth Fund, Vækstfonden. An investment that emphasizes the benefits and value of Go Autonomous’ AI-powered platform, which transforms […]